we launch and grow game changing companies
that are based on ideas that challenge the status quo
and seek innovative and responsible solutions
that improve the way people think, live, work and play.

While investing is an art, we believe building great companies comes down to science. We analyze markets and uncover opportunities for value creation. We take our time to research and understand customer pain points, industry levers and existing offerings to determine our ability to drive significant positive change within the existing boundaries or through stretching them.

SmartUps' model is a high engagement model, where we commit great time and effort to each company, and we work with the entrepreneurs on hands-on execution.
We execute by backing and working side by side with entrepreneurs who build the company from the grounds up while supplying them with both the financial and intellectual capital.

We are very selective in the ventures we start
and we don't do many things at once.
We believe that everything we launch should work.